Beginning of My Reliquaries

Archeology of Boyhood Memories
22" x 26" x 6" Mined media - 2003
Collection of Brian Christensen
I made this piece at the end of my second year of graduate school at BYU. I felt fairly confident that I had found a successful way of utilizing the cast resin plates I had been experimenting with for over a year (these and many of the pieces made from them can be seen under other work). During a critique one of my professors, Bruce Smith, commented that the box should be embellished more like a reliquary to add significance to the whole thing. I had no idea what a reliquary was even though my mother is catholic. Bruce knew I was going on study abroad to Europe that spring and explained how I could locate some. I was blown away by the diversity of what I encountered.  I sought out reliquaries in every museum and cathedral as I traveled from Rome to London. This was a pivotal experience for me.

Finders Keepers: A Poor Man's View of Europe
Size varies upon display, jars with found objects in hand made clam shell boxes - 2003

I built these boxes and placed empty jars in them with the intention of filling them with found objects as I traveled through Europe.

Each Jar has a scientific type label that corresponds to an entry in a journal describing the circumstances under which each object was collected.

R, IT. 03 02    Monday April 28, 3003.  Rome, Italy 7:30 a.m.
Glasses picked up in the middle of Piazza di Eroi as I crossed the street on the way to the Vatican Museum.  I saw the glasses out of the corner of my eye and went back to get them.  I was almost hit three time in acquiring this particular piece of garbage.

 Rome & Florence

Paris & London

Each of these  collages are 9" x 12" and are constructed from a print made in Florence and trash collected from each city.  This was my first venture into collage and I was perplexed at how this seemingly easy process could require so much of me.

Summer of 1980
11" x 17" x 4" Mixed Media - 2003

One of the first attempts at making a reliquary upon returning from Europe.

Valere Lubere Academia
30" x 14" x 11" cast dino foot, old glove, wood, plexi, and toys - 2003
Collection of Beaver Street Gallery

This piece is roughly modeled after the reliquary for the glove of Jeanne D'Arc in the treasury of Notre Dame, Paris, France.

Old glove found in an abandoned mine shaft when I was younger.

Reliquary for the Quitter (October 1994)
35" x 13" x 8" Mixed Media - 2003
Collection of David Gianfredi

This piece references a dear friend, Mel Stolen, who I watched give up a lifelong smoking tradition of around 60 years.

Boy's Don't Skip! (1977)
23" x 17" x 4.5" Mixed Media - 2003
Collection of David Gianfredi

My first memory of my older brother is him say this to me when I was young.


My Three Friends: Bremerton 1980-83
6" x 17" x 4" Mixed Media - 2003
Collection of Wayne Kimball 

A Lesson on Window Breaking: Suquamish 1978
11" x 28" x 8" Mixed Media - 2003

These pieces are not narratives of the experiences, rather they capture for me the texture and feeling of what I remember from childhood

Sick Day: October 1994
14" x 30" x 11" Mixed Media - 2003

For Cricket
38" x 14" x 42" Mixed Media - 2003
Collection of Kara Morris

Relics of Childhood
25" x 31" x 9.5"  Mixed Media - 2004

Feleis Matris
5.5" x 9" x 5" Mixed Media - 2004

Collection of Dan Barney

Younger Brother
7" x 14" x 4.5" Mixed Media - 2007
Collection of Beaver Street Gallery

Uninvited Guests
7" x 14" x 4.5" Mixed Media - 2006
Collection of Brian Jensen

Rahier Family Farm
6' x 10" x 4" Mixed Media - 2007 
Collection of Kara Morris

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