As I travel my camera is never far from me.  I rely upon the reference images I take in the construction of my sculptures and drawings.  Only recently have I begun to frame these photos and display them with my other work.

Vernacular architecture has become of more interest to me.  These grain elevators are outside Winifred, MT -- the area where my father was born. Taken Sept. 2015 while doing family history research.

Cowboy Cafe taken on recent trip through Texas 2016

 Trailer Park and Ron's are both signs in Southern Utah.

 Shipping container in Ephraim, UT

 These signs were on fragments in a scrap metal pile in Ephraim, UT. 

 Sign just outside of Minneapolis

Installation shot form Movement and Meaning: The Power of Pilgrimage 2014. I will be exploring more the combination of showing photographs and sculptures together.  

Grafton Girls 2013
This piece combines found antique photos with shots I have taken. 

Lazy E Helper UT, 2012
M - Crossing Over the Line Ogden, UT 2012

Nevada 2010

Burger Boy 
From a sign in St. George, UT 2009

Eat and Village Cleaners 
From Rt 66 2009
I must admit that I have a fascination with the variety of arrows in these old signs

OO - EL 
From Rt 66, 2009
I like the abstract quality in this closeup

EL -VIS  He is in the Building
Flagstaff, AZ 2008 

Top Kingman, AZ 2008

The door of an old truck in Monticello, UT 2008  

A sign in Tucumcari, NM 2008 
I did digitally alter this one a bit and I am happy with the result. 

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