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I taught drawing classes from 2009-2013 at BYU and love observational drawing, especially drawing outdoors in the landscape. I have explored a variety of ways to more fully utilize and incorporate the concepts I am concerned with in my 3D work to drawings and prints.  

Americana Archangle
 9" x 9" lino-cut 2015
Included in Squared print exchange organized by Adam Larsen from Snow College

Iconic Conversation 
Pen and Ink 18" x 19" - 2015  
Still working on ideas on how to complete this piece - I am very happy with the drawing.

This is the 4" x 9" drawing I did in preparation for the fabric collage Pilgrimage to Ancestral Homeland that can be seen in family history relics.  I relied on Griffith's Valuation and Google Earth maps in laying out this piece.

Stay Puft - Original Drawing
12" x 15" Pen and Ink - 2013

First attempt to finish the piece as part of a digital collage

Saint Puft 
19" x 32" 
The drawing was mounted to a panel, guilt, and then I constructed this frame to hold the drawing and accompanying relic (pictured below).

Hidden Falls Zion
small pen and ink study around 2" x 10"

Yogi Bear - Original drawing is ball point pen on paper 6" x 20"

Two Icons 
40" x 40"  Digital Collage - 2014 

Hoodoos from Devils Garden Escalante, UT

Seaside Auto Sales: Mirage II
Pen and Ink - 2012

In the Mirage series I am placing Neon signs in Landscapes where they do not belong, yet feel as if they have always been there.  The signs themselves are constructs of the many signs I see in my travels and do not actually exist.   They are draw in a deteriorated state as if relics of a civilization no longer in sight. 

The drawings are done on Arches 200lb cold press watercolor paper with Micron pens .005 - .2 sizes.  Each one takes between 30 - 40 hours to complete.  Thus, a labor of love.... or insanity, not completely sure yet.

Townsite Motor Lodge: Mirage II
22" x 24" Pen and Ink -2012

The Reef Cafe: Mirage I
22" x 24" Pen and Ink -2012

Studies for The Reef Cafe, 4" x 4" Pen and Ink and 7" x 15" Pen and Ink with Prismacolor

Coke  - Bad! & Pepsi - Good!
each 9" x 9" Prismacolor on illustration board - 2012

10" x 15" Pen and Ink on illustration board - 2011


Hotel Waterville studies

This contour line drawing is composed of the silhouettes of my sculptures.  I saw the image below in a show of travel posters by graphic design students and was inspired to create this piece.  I spent days composing the image, trying to get it just right. Still incomplete, each layer will be filled in with textured and layered color fields – still working on tests.  In the end it will be a limited edition print series with a relic inset in some way. Began in 2010

Ellico Dig
10" x 15" lithograph 2003

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