Other Work

Theses are some samples of the work that are not in the other series. Some are from undergraduate and graduate programs. Scroll down to see most recent works

The Pain of Emptiness
24" x 15" x 15" limestone, steel, and wood - 1997
Collection of Phena Brown

The Frustration of Silence
20" x 13" x 10" alabaster, steel and wood - 2000
Collection of Phena Brown 

Seeing the New Dawn 

5' x 7' x 10' cast concrete - 1998 This is a public commission on the campus of Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.  For the centennial of the campus there was a committee formed to commission students to create pieces for campus.

Opposing Forms
8" x 16" x 15 alabaster, steel and wood - 2001

Landscape Reference I         
12" x 12" x 18" stone, steel and wood - 2001

Landscape Reference II
14" x 16" x 18" stone, steel and wood - 2001

Landscape Reference IV with Window
12" x 16" x 18" stone, wood, steel and slumped glass - 2002

I refer to these resin casts as memory plates. I spent over a year and a half experimenting with sculpting, molding and casting clear resin.  Once the plates were made then it was a quest to how to use them best.

Part/ Counterpart
26" x 32" x 6" slumped glass, cast resin,
 chalk board, soil and light - 2002       

Fossil Record
12" x 15" x 2" limestone, resin with found
objects and a fossil - 2002

Necessary Reminders #3
5" x 7" x 2" each, hand made clam shell boxes with cast resin window and bones - 2002

Necessary Reminders # 4 
6" x 5" x 18" closed handmade clam shell box with cast resin with alabaster and bronze bone - 2002

Perceptual Window #1
32" x 40" x 2" cast resin in wood frame - 2002

Perceptual Window #3
20" x 44" x 2" cast resin in wood frame - 2002

Perceptual Window #5
32" x 40" x 2" cast resin in wood frame - 2002

The Inspiration of Mrs Kling (1884)
12"x 12"x 6" Mixed Media - 2003
This was created just as I was thinking more on reliquaries. I was also experimenting with using my own fragmented memories from childhood as the subject of my work. I was inspired by a visiting artist's words.

"Memory is a creative process as much as it is a re-creative or objective one, and I found that in digging up my memories, in unearthing them, they were invariable altered, subjected to weathering like recently excavated archaeological sites.”

Clayton Merrell, Visiting artist lecture series, BYU: Sept. 26, 2002

Life in Flagstaff (1996-1999)
17" x 37" x 6" Mixed Media - 2003. I do consider this my 1st true reliquary.

Relic Humeri
12" x 18" x 7.5" bronze, alabaster, pillow, leaded glass and mirror - 2005

Kimberly's Hairloom
5" x 5" x 13" soapstone, waxed thread, hair, wood, bronze and plexiglass - 2005

Amulet of Boo
8" x 6" x 16" soapstone, waxed thread, hair, wood, bronze and leaded glass - 2005

From 2004-05 I was a sculptor for PaleoForms, Provo, UT. My job was sculpting, molding, casting and mounting of full-scale freestanding dinosaurs, Majungatholus and Masiakasaurus, for international museum display. When dinosaurs are found rarely is the full skeleton present, it is the job of a sculptor in consultation with paleontologists to fill in the blanks. The bone above is an arm bone (humerus) from Majungatholus that I sculpted and measures 5" x 3" x 13". I began by referencing what material we had, in this case one half of the opposite side and drawing from dino cousins. I then carved the form in dense foam. Once that stage was complete I skinned the carved bone in auto body bondo adding texture. A two part silicone rubber mold is constructed and a cast made for pour-a-cast. The final step would be to the coloring of the cast with paint and then drilling to add hardware for mounting. I was very satisfied when the paleontologist thought this bone was cast form the original - not sculpted.

 Majungatholus 6' tall x 25' long

Masiakasaurus 3' tall x 6' long

Reflections on Extinction or Sunday Afternoons with Dad
24" x 48" x 4" clear cast resin in wood frame - 2005
I gained permission to use the the Masiakasaurus skeleton I had worked on (with some alterations) to make this piece.

Details of resin cast

Reliquary for the Book of Job
12" x 12" x 18" guilt aluminum with mixed media - 2008

Anni's Charm
7" x 5" x 12" alabaster, waxed thread, hair, wood, steel and leaded glass - 2008

Relics from Roswell 
7" x 12" x 4" mixed media - 2009

 Reliquary for a Living Nativity I
 8" x 12" x 4" Mixed Media - 2009     

Reliquary for a Living Nativity II
10" x 21" x 5" Mixed Media - 2009

Alexia's Bauble
7" x 5" x 12" soapstone, waxed thread, hair, cat tooth, wood, steel and leaded glass - 2010

Reliquary for the Secret of Marriage 
3" x 6" x 12" Mixed Media - 2011

Hair of a Future Influential American
9" x 14" x 6" hair under leaded glass on velvet covered wood base - 2011

Prayer Coder
16" x 26" x 4" crucifix, telegraph encoder for mores code on wood panel - 2014
Collaboration with Frank McEntire

Christ in Solitude
paper collage around 14" x 24"

Upon This Rock
6" x 9" x 3" Mixed Media - 2015

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